Bull Durham

Bull Durham is a movie about the love-hate relationship with baseball. Its themes of longing, lonliness, and heartbreak is intermingled with a mature, fowl mouthed sex comedy that finds poetry and beauty in the quick witted ruminations of its characters. Their lives are full of passions both on the field and in the bedroom, making […]

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Spielberg Ranked

With the ending of a very strange year, it has altered my usual publishing of the best films of the year list. Movie theatres have been closed or restricted, which has put a damper on things along with everything else. However, I’ve never outgrown my love of ranking things. I know it’s frivolous, and movie […]

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Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

At its best, Star Trek could be a wonderful balance of science fiction adventure, as well as thought provoking allegories. The most memorable episodes of the franchise’s multiple television series usually conveyed this. They leave you with questions to ponder while also entertaining you. It was never about the battles, or the action, which is […]

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I’ve been thinking a lot about America recently. It’s kinda hard not to, even when you don’t live in the country. Living in Canada, America is our closest neighbour, and I suppose it’s hard to deny the similarities and differences between the two countries. However now the subject of America has taken a more personal […]

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Rio Bravo

Rio Bravo is about as laid back as one can get when watching a western. It fills you with that tricky sweet spot other films would envy by having an even mixture of warm, engaging characters, a tense story, and nice plotted out action, all tightly wound together in the most satisfying way. It’s the […]

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